BTS Jimin’s “Filter” Was Used for Ice Skating Routine on “Star On Ice 2021” Japan by Gold Medalists Misato Komatsubara and Tim Koleto

Three-time Japanese national champions and 2020 NHK Trophy gold medalists, Misato and Takeru (Tim Koleto) Komatsubara performed their ice skating routine for “Filter” again during “Star On Ice 2021” in Japan!!

Tim Koleto’s a big fan of Jimin. In 2020, Koleto tweeted about wanting to pull a Jimin photocard from his favorite album “Love Yourself: Answer”. Recently, he replied to a viewer who loved his performance with a gif of Jimin.

“Stars on Ice: Japan Tour 2021” is from April 22nd to 25th. TBS Channel 2 will live broadcast from the Yokohama Arena on the 23rd (Fri), 24th (Sat), and 25th (Sun). The final day performance will also be re-aired on May 30th

Tim Koletooo earlier quoted Jimin’s performance gif

Tim Koleto had revealed last year that he likes BTS’ Love Yourself ‘Answer’ album and wanted Jimin’s photo card in previous posts. “I finally bought my favorite BTS albumYou’re a legend. I was really hoping for the Jimin card so I just might have to. He also said “Serendipity” is so good

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