Big Hit Music Announces BTS’ New Single and Release Date

On May 21, 2021, the new BTS digital single “BUTTER” will be released on Korean and international music sites.

After a 1 hour countdown that left fans coming up with a billion theories about what was happening, BTS unveiled their new single’s name “BUTTER” and the release date for the upcoming single. BTS have been busy with a lot of campaign launches, from their ad campaigns with Hyundai, Hellinox, Coway, Lotte Chilsung, collaborations with McDonalds and just recently Louis Vuitton announcement as brand ambassadors, it is impressive that they have also been working on their music.

It is no wonder that V had revealed in a recent Vlive that he might not be able to release his long awaited Mixtape since BTS had a lot on their schedules. He later released a snippet of an unreleased song somewhat like a bit of comfort. V released “Snow Flower” last year as a comfort since he said he know that ARMY had been waiting for his mixtape then.

Signs of an upcoming single have been evident with the changing of hair colors being the most telling clue. As much as fans usually know that a single, album or comeback is right around the corner because of that BTS always catches everyone off guard, when you least expect it, “12amKST phobia” is real.

So ARMY now have something to look forward to come next month before the release of BTS’ Japanese album, “BTS, The BEST”

On January 7th David Stewart who co-wrote the record breaking single “Dynamite” wrote on his twitter handle that he had written a new song for BTS saying it was quite good. Could the new single “BUTTER” be the project he had been working on and teased about it? We will have to wait for the day the song drops to find out, now won’t we?

In a statement on Weverse Big Hit Music Wrote’



On May 21, 2021, the new BTS digital single “Butter” will be released on Korean and international music sites.

Brimming with the inimitable charm of BTS, the new single “Butter” will melt its way into the hearts of all ARMY. Dip into the sometimes smooth, other times charismatic enchantment of BTS with their latest music.

You can also look forward to a physical single of “Butter” that will begin hitting stores in Korea and around the world this summer.

(Release dates may vary depending on location and retailer.)

We would like to thank all ARMY for your ceaseless affection for BTS, and we ask for your continued love and support for the new digital single “Butter” from BTS.

Release date: 1 PM Friday, May 21, 2021 (KST)

Thank you.

Over 800,000 fans anxiously tuned in to the surprise countdown video that lasted for an hour, then the blob of butter slowly melted into a heart shape. The video had a background of clanking like people using cutlery in a busy kitchen.

As the time counted out to zero, the livestream briefly displayed the word “Butter” and the track’s release date, May 21st 2021 at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST,) before ending.

We cannot wait for the new single, Congratulations BTS!

The countdown trailer

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