WATCH: “The Game Caterers” X “RUN BTS” Second Teaser

On 21st April 2021 BTS will be working together with producer Na Young Suk’s “The Game Caterers” (Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip) for a special “RUN BTS!” episode.

On 27th April The Game Caterers shared a 43 second clip of the upcoming episodes. In the clip BTS are being quizzed on some questions and chaos ensue as they all want to answer at the same time and their reactions when they get the answers wrong is just priceless. The taser will make you want to watch the show now!

The show will first air on 4th May 21:00KST, 7th May 22:20KST, 11th May 21:00KST and 14th May 22:20KST, on tvN and YouTube channel ‘Channel 15 Nights’

Watch the full teaser

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