“JiminFavoriteDancer” Currently Trending Worldwide After BTS Jimin’s Ranking #1 On Dabeme Pop’s Favorite Dancer Survey

To say that BTS’ Jimin is the world’s best, best contemporary dancer is a total understatement, because Jimin is the best worldwide! His dance skills showcase his varied dance styles, from pop, hip hop, ballet, martials arts dance to everything in between.

BTS Jimin is currently trending worldwide after he ranked #1 as Dabeme Pop’s “Favorite Dancer” (Male & Female) garnering a total of 783,262 votes proving his prowess in the world of dance.

“JiminFavoriteDancer” is trending together with the key words, “WeLoveYouJimin” “ジミン Jiminie” “JIMINS” “JIMIN” “#지민” ” #ジミン” “#방탄소년단지민” “PARK JIMIN” “#ParkJimin” “THE JIMIN”

Our favourite dance moments

American Hustle Life

Black Swan Solo during MOTS ON:E concert

Perfect man 2015 MBC Music Festival

Black Swan dance practice

MMA 2018 fan dance

MMA 2019 “Dionysus intro performance”

FAKE LOVE intro performnace

Filter MOTS ON:E concert

MMA 2016 Boy meets evil + lie

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