“3rdTasteOfButter” Trending #1 Worldwide After Release of BTS’ Jin & SUGA’s “Butter” Concept Clips

After BTS’ mega hit “Dynamite,” the members are gearing up for the release of their second English track titled “Butter”. As the world waits for the, BTS have been releasing concept teaser clips to keep the excitement on a high. The first teaser clips were for rapper RM and vocalist Jungkook. Today they released Jin and SUGA’s concept clips. Immediately “3rdTasteOfButter” trended at #1 worldwide on twitter in several countries as fans enjoyed the clips

BTS SUGA’s concept clip

BTS Jin’s concept clip

#2ndTasteOfButter trended with over 700K tweets at #1 worldwide, #BTS_Butter with over 1.2M tweets, ‘Jin’ with over 247K tweets, ‘SUGA’ with over 407k tweets and ‘BUTTER IS COMING’ had over 42.3k tweets.

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