“4thTasteOfButter” Trending #1 Worldwide After Release of BTS’ V, Jimin & j-hope’s “Butter” Concept Clips

BTS’ V, Jimin and j-hope closed the “Butter” concept clips. Appearing in three separate concept clips, both V, Jimin and j-hope are wearing all black outfits and have different props and dancing.

BTS V’s concept clip

BTS’ Jimin concept clip

BTS j-hope-s concept clip

#4thTasteOfButter entered the Top Twitter Trends. #4thTasteOfButter trended together with #5. hoseok #7. hobi #9. KIM TAEHYUNG #10. PARK JIMIN #18. #JHOPE #19. BLONDE JIMIN #26. JIMIN RUBIO

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