Conan O’Brien American Comedian, & Television Host of The Show “Conan” Reacts To BTS’ j-hope Mistakenly Calling Him “Curtain” On RUN BTS!

On 21st April 2021 it was announced that BTS will be working together with producer Na Young Suk’s “The Game Caterers” (Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip) for a special “RUN BTS!” episode. They shared two teaser clips before the episodes would be aired and fans were excited to watch the RUN BTS! more so because SUGA would be appearing after a long time.

The first game that BTS played was “BBQ Cup Figure Quiz” in this game, the members would be shown pictures of celebrities both in South Korea and abroad, more specifically the United States. The game started off with Jimin being the first to get the wrong answer and the members scolding him for not knowing the personality

Conan Obrien reacted to BTS’ j-hope’s calling him “curtain” in their latest RUN BTS Episode. Conan was talking about how he was getting ready to retire from the show after 28 years, wondering what impact he has had on the world and whether he has made an impact or left a legacy. The he mentioned that he learnt about RUN BTS

“There was a massive show in Korea, and the stars of this show, of course was the boy band BTS, these guys are HUGE, biggest band in the world, BTS, massive” Conan

“And on the variety show BTS had played a game where the producer shows a picture of a celebrity to BTS and then one of the guys in the band has to identify the celebrity… hmmm, this came out just saw it last night and, well, take a look…” Conan

Conan’s reaction was just the best…

“Curtain, he called me curtain “ he jokingly yelled

“Well, its like the whole world is convening to wish you well on your new endeavor and, you know, we’re drawing the curtain..” his cohost tried to console him

“He said I was a curtain!” Conan repeated

“I’ll get you BTS, oh I’ll get you good, and by that I mean silently resent you” he joked “I have no power to do anything to you. You’re going to go on to have huge success…you guys are pretty much running the world…” Conan O’Brien

BTS j-hope, V, SUGA, Jin and RM started by getting their answer correct. We the game was nearing the end, it was a quick fire challenge where the members had to come up with the name on the pictures shown. When it came to j-hopes turn, he stumbled. They showed him a picture of Conan, he took a few seconds to think about it…

Conan Christopher O’Brien is an American television host, comedian, writer, and producer. He is best known for hosting several late-night talk shows; since 2010, he has hosted Conan on the cable channel TBS. O’Brien was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, and was raised in an Irish Catholic family. He served as president of The Harvard Lampoon while attending Harvard University, and was a writer for the sketch comedy series Not Necessarily the News.

Then answered with “Curtain!”

Immediately the members reacted and Jin even questioned how j-hope could get that answer wrong. Jimin was happy that he was not the only one who was getting answerers wrong as he too knew who Conan was

j-hope had to smile and claim that he got confused

And so the members began joking about the whole issue even pointing to the curtains behind him saying “curtains are just behind you”

j-hope still said he knows him he just got confused in the moment as it was too fast to think about it

In the end, j-hope apologized to Conan

Watch full clip below

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