“hoseok” “hobi” “JHOPE” “HOSEOK RUBIO” (blonde hoseok) Trends Worldwide After Release Of BTS j-hope’s “Butter” Concept Clip

BTS’ j-hope, Jimin and V closed the chapter on BTS’ “Butter” concept clips with addictive and fun videos. j-hope danced with a spiral lollipop that he ended up crushing on the floor. Immediately the concept clip was released, j-hope too over the twitter trends with all his names plus “HOSEOK RUBIO” (blonde hoseok).

Fans had already seen j-hope in blonde hair but seeing him again was exciting to make his hair color trend again on top twitter trends worldwide. The power that he holds to always trend all his names with thousands of twitter mentions is quite exciting to see.

On worldwide Twitter Trends j-hope trended at #6. ‘Hoseok’ with +250k tweets, #8 ‘Hobi’ with 179k tweets. He trended in Egypt trends now at #13. JHOPE and 14. Hoseok. He took over the top 7 on Morocco Flag of Morocco trends at #1. Hobi and #2. Hoseok

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