“KIM TAEHYUNG” Trended In Multiple Countries On Twitter Worldwide at #9, While ‘누가 젤리’- “Who jelly” (who eats jellies so sexily) Trended In South Korea After Release Of BTS V’s “Butter” Concept Clip

BTS’ V, Jimin and j-hope were the last members to have their concept clip for “Butter” be released. And it seems fans had been waiting for V’ version. After being released V’s “Butter” concept clip surpassed 3M views & 1M likes in less than 5 hours after it was released by BIGHIT_MUSIC on Twitter. It had 1M views in 14mins, 2M views in 1 hour 3Mins with 414k retweets, 65.7k comments and 751K likes.

The clip trended at #1 on Twipple and #9 on worldwide trends. Kim Taehyung trended under What’s Happening on Twitter in US. 누가 젤리- Who’s Jelly (who eats jellies like that) is trending in South Korea at #20 after the release of Kim Taehyung’s Butter concept clip.

After the release of Kim Taehyung’s concept clip for Butter, KIM TAEHYUNG trended in multiple countries and Worldwide at #9, while ‘누가 젤리’- Who jelly (who eats jellies so sexily) trended in South Korea. キムテヒョン (V / Kim Taehyung) is currently trending at TOP SPOT on Twipple Japan post after the release of BTS’ Butter Concept Clip.

The following keywords are currently trending topics on Twitter as “taehyung” “Kim Taehyung” “#방탄소년단뷔” “BTSV” A post about how Kim Taehyung eats the jelly (gummies) in a very hot way is trending at #3 in the HOT section on the QUOO with almost 18k views.

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