BTS’ FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT : NEURON’ Ad – V ver. “Pace Fixed For The Game”

FILA just released their latest BTS V’s ver. for FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT: NEURON’ ad campaign (Nucleus)

V stands for “Visuals” and BTS’ V has all that to the tee! V is a performer what with a the billion expressions in milliseconds that he shines while infront of the camera. The video starts off with closeups of V’s face, and WOW! Dead. He looks so effortlessly breathtaking that for a moment a breath passes.

Then he stomps the shoes to give us more angles of the shoe that just compliments him to the max. The way V flirts with the viewer, you’d want to get those shoes just so they can remind you of how V shook your heart watching him completely embody “Pace Fixed For The Game”

Watch full ad

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