When BTS’ Jin Trended Worldwide as “KIM SEOKJIN,” “seokjin” “WORLDWIDE HANDSOME” “DADDY” plus More in 10 Minutes After Posting Selca on Twitter

“KIM SEOKJIN,” “seokjin” “WORLDWIDE HANDSOME” Trended Worldwide in 10 Minutes after BTS’ Jin Posted New Selca.

BTS’ Jin posted on Twitter for the very first time after eons of years, and within 10 minutes he was already taking over Twitter trends. He has been active on Weverse even overtaking V’s frequency on the app commenting on fans posts and posting himself. One fan even commented on the silver voiced vocalist trending worldwide, “So yeah that’s what happens if you posted a Selca w/o caption after 26493926 days KIM SEOKJIN” happy but scolding his absence on the app.

BTS Jin’s Selca that he posted

Jin trended in 17 countries and bumped up at #5 in just 40 minutes after the posting his forehead exposing Selca that I’m sure he knows ARMY go weak in the knees over!

“Worldwide Handsome” is currently trending WORLDWIDE and in Malaysia, Mexico and Philippines after Jin’s recent tweet! BTS’ “KIM SEOKJIN” is also trending in 9 regions after Seokjin’s recent twitter post. “Kim Seokjin” entered #7 on Philippines trends and at #10 was “Worldwide handsome” “KIM SEOKJIN” and “Worldwide Handsome” were top trends in the Philippines with 41.9K and 7,855 Tweets respectively!

Other keywords that were trending included, “Omg jin” “Holy” “forehead” “YOU LOOK SO GOOD” “DADDY” “KIM SEOKJIN” “I LOVE YOU” “Seokjinnie” “Worldwide handsome” “MAS GANTENG (indonesian meaning Mr. Handsome)” and “Jinnie”

Even google searches recognized Worldwide Handsome as a fan was searching for worldwide twitter trends then the term “worldwide handsome” came up, As it should be, Worldwide handsome taking over searches. The keyword “DADDY” surprisingly popped up under Jin’s trends.

It’s not the first time that “Daddy” has trended under BTS member’s keywords or trends. Jimin once called RM Daddy as they watched their “Life Goes On” music video when it first dropped which got RM flustered as the other members continued to tease him.

Jin King of trends!

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