“Butter” Group Teaser Photo 1 Becomes “Fastest Concept” to Achieve 3 Million Likes On BTS’ Instagram Surpassing “Dynamite’s” Concept

BTS just released the first group teaser photo for “Butter” on all their social media and the photo is already breaking records.

“Butter” Teaser Group Photo 1 broke Dynamite’s record, becoming the ‘Fastest Concept’ to achieve 2M likes on Instagram in jus 1 hour!

And then the “Butter” Group Teaser Photo 1 has officially surpassed 3 million likes on Instagram in just 2 hours & 27 minutes beating “Dynamite” again which took 8 hours to reach the milestone when it was released in 2020.

The concept group photo is already surpassing 3.5 Million Likes on Instagram barely four hours in and it has 150K comments!

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