Conan O’Brien Responds to BTS j-hope’s Apology on Twitter as ARMY Melts at Him Calling The Rapper By His Nickname

We are loving the “j-hope” – “Conan” interactions as the American TV host responded to j-hope’s Twitter pouty selca apology. Their whole saga started with BTS’ RUN BTS! show, went on onto BTS’ Twitter handle and now back to Conan’s Twitter feed.

Conan responded to j-hope’s Apology on his personal Twitter account saying “In Hobi’s defense, Curtain makes as much sense as being named Conan” the joke not being lost on him.

The fun Twitter response was Conan’s first ever response tweet on his personal account which makes it even more special. So the “War” is over, “and by war I mean the carefree back and forth banter between j-hope and Conan…” add Conan’s voice 😉🤣

BTS’ ARMY are always appreciative of any celebrity, individual or group who genuinely cares for the members and have fun knowing that the said celebrity actually respects and likes BTS.

BTS ARMY can see through and call out bullshit when they see it and will not be afraid to speak on it and condemn it. And they know genuine interest and love for BTS, so they were all freaking out and being in love with how Conan called j-hope by his ARMY fond nickname “hobi” well, he officially is ARMY by all standards!

the way @ConanOBrien called hoseok as “Hobi”, i guess they are besties now!”

You Calling him “hobi”And hobi tweeting you with two kisses emojis and a pouting selfie. Your the luckiest 😭😭😭😭💜”

you call jhope hobi? sir curtain, are you an army?”

You called him HOBI😭😭💗 OMG !!”

Conan you have join a special group of people with very special endearing nicknames.”

Steve Aoki – Uncle Steve”
“Jimmy Fallon – Chimmy Fallon”
“James Corden – Papa Mochi”
“Conan O’Brien – Curtain”

OMG.. i am already in love with this ConHobi interaction 😍😍”

In Hobi’s defense “😍😍😍”

It was “JHope” yesterday but it has become “Hobi” now..”

I can’t.. @ConanOBrien @BTS_twt”


““hobi”….. are yall dming behind our backs 😦”

““hobi” oh so you’re besties BESTIES now”

Thanks for the affection when remembering our BTS. I’m an ARMY from Brazil, I didn’t know you, but it’s always an honor to meet any friend of BTS. I loved meeting you, Mr. Curtain 🤣💜”

Just know that your sense of fun with this has made you a @BTS_twt ARMY favorite for life! Thank you for having fun with this and giving us all much needed laughter and smiles! Can’t wait to see your new show!💜 Borahae!💜”

This ‘hobi’ and ‘curtain’ friendship,,, I can’t with this”

Watch the funny clip again

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