BTS Releases “Butter” Second Individual Teaser Photos Featuring SUGA and Jin

BTS’ SUGA and Jin stepped out as owners of the second teaser individual photos for their new digital single “Butter”

Just like in the previous group teaser photo, both of their photos are designed to look like posters with the new song title “Butter” and the date and time of the song’s release displayed at the bottom.

Jin sports an all white casual ensemble, silk dress shirt and dress pants while SUGA is wearing an off white suit with a white t-shirt and belt to boot.

In the beginning of the month, promotional content started off with the unveiling of the first concept clip teaser poster, followed by the concept clips featuring RM and Jung KookJin and Suga, and jhope, Jimin, and V, then the first teaser group photo. On May 11, the first individual teaser photos of RM and Jung Kook were unveiled.

On the 21st of May BTS will simultaneously release their newest second all english digital single “Butter” which is a cheerful dance pop genre to the world

BTS’ Jin

The “Butter” single schedule continues

Butter out May 21st 2021!

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