BTS Releases “Butter” Final Individual Teaser Photos Featuring j-hope, V and Jimin

At the start of May, promotional content started off with the unveiling of the first concept clip teaser poster, followed by the concept clips featuring RM and Jung Kook,  Jin and Suga, and jhope, Jimin, and V, then the first teaser group photo.

On May 11th, the first individual “Butter” teaser photos of RM and Jung Kook were unveiled, then on the 12th May the second individual “Butter” teaser photos of SUGA and Jin were unveiled.

Today 13th May the final “Butter” teaser photos for j-hope, V and Jimin were unveiled.

The “Butter” Release schedule is nearing its close

“Butter” will be released on 21st May 2021.

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