“McDonalds” is Just Wildin’ It With ARMY After Posting First Teaser Photo ft. BTS’ RM for Their “THE BTS MEAL” Collab

MacDonalds have just dropped their first teaser photo for their BTS X McDonalds “THE BTS MEAL” collaboration featuring the firece beloved leader RM.

On 19th April The official McDonald’s Twitter announced that the “BTS Meal” will be the latest creation of McDonald’s Famous Oders program which has featured past partnerships with celebrities like Travis Scott and J Balvin.

11th May McDonald’s shared the “BTS Meal” schedule that includes, events starting on 13th May to the release date on 26th May and the party goes on until 18th June for the release of “Behind the sauce”


Today 17th May McDonald’s have released the first teaser photo that is featuring BTS RM with the caption “would you share a fry with RM?” The answer is yes! Of course fans are anticipating the “BTS meal” and meanwhile they are enjoying the content being put put before the d-day and having fun.


Exchanges between brands, individuals, celebrities and BTS ARMY are always hilarious and McDonald’s is havibg fun responding to some witty comments with witty comments of their own. Read some of these exchanges that are our favorite interactions.

Xbox joined the Chat

Lenika joined the Chat

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