McDonald’s is OT7, BTS Jin’s World Wide Shoulders Take Center Stage in The Second Concept Photo for “THE BTS MEAL”

On 18th May McDonald’s posted the second concept photo foe their “THE BTS MEAL” campaign and it features BTS’ Jin with the caption “Jin checking in, still handsome

The “BTS Meal” that will be launched in May 2021 will include a 10 piece chicken McNuggets, a medium fries, a medium Coke- and Cajun doping sauces inspired by popular recipes from McDonald’s restaurant in BTS’ home town South Korea.

And as usual we love the interaction between ARMY and McDonald’s as soon as the BTS members are posted. McDonald’s is crushing on Jin’s worldwide shoulders even though they confirmed they are 0T7, but we all agree all Bangtan boys are bias wreckers every single time!


McDonald’s Brazil was there to answer comments from a Brazil fan

Target has joined the chat

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