BTS’ V Sold Out a $340 Straw Boater Hat On All Of Ruslan Baginskiy Websites Within 30 Hours After Release of Their “Butter” Teaser Individual Photos

The impact that BTS’S has on the fashion industry is truly awe inspiring as his Midas Touch is legendary. He is the brand King as every item he is spotted with sells out within hours or minutes in some cases.

V has the visuals and body structure to make any piece of clothing be fashionable, whether it’s is his everyday airport fashion, or high end outfit for the red carpet or photo shoot, you can bet it will be sold out.

Ukrainian Brand Ruslan Baginskiy posted a story on their Official Instagram showing how BTS V managed to sell out a $340 Straw Boater Hat on all of their Websites within 30 hours! They even have a photo of V on their account wearing the hat that he showcased on his photo for thier “Butter” Teaser photo.

The world of fashion is truly in love with V’s stylish and immaculate taste in all things style that not only looks good but sells

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