BTS’ “Butter” is Likely On Its Way to Edging Out “Dynamite” for This YouTube Record Without a Doubt!

BTS “Butter” could be on its way to breaking “Dynamite’s” record of most views for a music video in the first 24 hours! It only took 17 minutes to hit 58 millions views from 57 million views. It’s not even 12 hours yet! World Domination vibes!

It has taken only 6 hours for “Butter” to reach the 50 million views mark on YouTube, if the song is watched for another 6 hours with the same steady momentum, energy and excitement, then it could hit 100 million views in 12 hours!

“Butter” Official Music Video surpassed 60 Million views in approximately 8 hours 56 minutes (breaking Dynamite’s record of 13 hours 16 mins), making it the fastest music video in YT history to reach this milestone! Only 40 million views left to hit that 100 million!

The only record of a song hitting 100 million views on YouTube in 24 hours was, of course none other than BTS’ very own “Dynamite” and as we all know BTS is fond of breaking their own records.

Anything is possible as, if the hunger for watching and listening to “Butter” keeps increasing then the song could even hit 200 million views in 24 hours! It’s BTS we are talking about, it’s ARMY we are talking about! Come on!

“Dynamite” is the only track on history to hold that crown and it seems “Butter” is out to take that crown! And the song itself is worth having millions of listens as it is an addictive beat plus the visuals are just insanely breathtaking!

Keep enjoying the music video

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