BTS’ “Butter” Surpasses 100 Million Views in Less Than 24 Hours Breaking Their Very Own “Dynamite’s” YouTube Record

BTS’ “Butter” becomes the Fastest Music Video in YouTube history to hit 100M views (in 20 hours & 55 minutes!)

BTS’ “Butter” was officially announced on April 26 when BTS broadcast an hour-long cartoon of a melting butter live on YouTube, at the end of which the title and date appeared after the butter melted. On the release of the song BTS’ RM told Apple Music that they did not expect to release another single, but as the pandemic that is COVID 19 was getting longer and longer, they thought “we needed another summer song”. 

BTS then went on to release a “Butter” schedule which included, the first group teaser photo, teaser poster, concept clips, pairings teaser photos, and finally the last individual teaser photos. They released the “Butter” teaser music video that has already garnered over 50 million views on Youtube.

On 21st May BTS released the official music video for “Butter” which hit the ground running breaking records on YouTube, iTunes worldwide among other streaming sites.

The premier of “Butter” MV garnered over 3.89 million concurrent viewers on YouTube, surpassing “Dynamite’s” record of 3 million concurrent viewers on the platform. The “Butter” music video surpassed 10 million views in just thirteen minutes showing how much the world was enjoying listening to the summer song that’s bright, cheery and visually appealing.

Most viewed MV in the first 24 hours in YouTube history!

1. Butter 102.6M (NEW)**

2. Dynamite 101.1M

5. Boy With Luv 74.6M

9. ON (Kinetic Manifesto) 46.5M

10. IDOL 45.9M

11. ON 43.8M

** still counting (Butter)

The music video is inspired by 1980s, retro vibes. It starts off in black and white and we see a scene where the members are taking mugshots holding placards that have their birthdays written on them together with significant dates and figures that we will soon find out what they stand for or mean.

The video turns into color and we see them singing, rapping and dancing together on stage and in a gym, or alone in the elevator during the dance break. The freestyle steps of these solo sequences were conceived and improvised by the members directly on set.

“Butter” Lyrics and music by Jenna Andrews, Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, RM, Alex Bilowtiz, Sebastian Garcia and Ron Perry. “Butter” will have its first live performance on May 23, 2021 at the Billboard Music Awards where BTS have been nominated in four categories.

**The official numbers will be confirmed by YouTube in a couple of days, but it is safe to say that we still have 3 more hours until the 24 hour cut off mark so the numbers may not change that much and even if they do, the 100 million views mark has been surpassed.


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