BTS Broke Their Own Record For The Biggest Music Video Premiere on YouTube History With “Butter”

BTS are record setters and record breakers. The terms “first” “only” and “history” should really be in their names. They are literally the only artist who replaces themselves on charts, outsell their previous online concerts and shatters long held historical records. With every comeback they exceed expectations and give you what you did not expect or even theorized.

BTS’ “Butter” Music Video set a new all-time record for the biggest YouTube music video Premiere with over 3.9 million peak concurrents, according to YouTube’s official blog.

And as expected BTS is already the current record holder of that title with their previous worldwide hit “Dynamite” that was released last year 2020 on 21st August.

BTS’ “Butter”

“Dynamite” premiered with over 3 million peak concurrents when it was released on 21st August 2020.

BTS’ “Dynamite”

BTS are the only first and only act in youtube history to hold the #1 and #2 spots for biggest YouTube Premieres to date.

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