BTS Get Artsy With Their “Butter” Polaroids, Are There Hidden Meanings Behind The Photos?

BTS have released their “Butter” polaroid which show their artsy fun sides. I think the polaroid’s are a representation of what they think or want to say the word “Butter” stands for or means to them. All of the members, Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have the word butter at the bottom of the polaroid designed or written in different ways. Maybe its their creative way of interpreting butter or what it signifies to them.

RM has the drawing of a single heart, an outline of himself, him name initials and what looks like clouds

BTS Jin has white hearts and what looks like white wings and BTS’s logo all in white

BTS SUGA has purple hears, his name and the name BTS

BTS j-hope has a drawing of butter, purple hearts with his name and the name ARMY

BTS Jimin is showing that j-hope’s hair color is that of butter

BTS’ V showed “butter” in sign language

BTS Jungkook seems to be building the word butter

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