BTS Premiered ‘BUTTER’ Live At The 2021 Billboard Music Awards With a SMOOTH Performance

BTS Premiered ‘BUTTER’ LIVE at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and gave a killer performance!

BTS performances are always on another level, always exceeding expectations and doing the most! Fort their debut of the live performance of “Butter” BTS recreated the Bilboard Music Awards red carpet. This isnt the first time the have done it.

Last year they recreated the James Corden Late Night show set to the miniscule detail that for a second you thought they flew to the US – they sang inside a plane as well- and performed at the show live. They then recreated the 63rd GRAMMY Award stage as well! They take live performances very seriously!

The details in this performance are just too tier! From Jung Kook kicking us off by staring at the mirror in a denim ensemble then goes and comes back with a leather ensemble seeming to say goodbye to the “Dynamite” era and welcoming “Butter” era.

The first stage itself looks like a production theater where musicals are shot, there are details here and there like a piano, what looks like a cello guitar, the stage lights are all around.

The dancing is even more detailed than in the music video. The footwork. The footwork! BTS’S footwork is completely mesmerizing, the are so fast and so in sync you’d think the part was being fast forwarded.

And of course the sexy, grown charm tha the bring to the performance, from VMin’s duet, to SUGA’s smirk, to RM’s wink at the end, the boys are clearly smoothly sliding themselves into our hearts and minds for days to come. “Butter” is completely different from anything else that BTS have ever done. Proving once again that BTS is the GENRE!

This is jus the first live performance of “Butter” and They have gone all in in terms of the stage, fashion and style and even the energy in the dance. Will we survive this “Butter” era live performances? Only tome will tell. Meanwhile…

Watch the full performance

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