The BTS “Butter” Live Dance Break That Broke The Internet & ARMY, Basically Everyone!


I can’t do this anymore!

I want them arrested!

They were insane for this!

Those are some of the varied reactions for BTS’ first live performance for their hit single “Butter” more specifically, the “Dance Break!”

We all saw it in the music video and we thought “how are they going to perform the dance in the elevator when they actually do it live?” I have learnt never to underestimate BTS when it comes to their music. Never expect anything because they will blow your expectations out the park and blow your mind that you will need another comeback to recover!

BTS have set the bar pretty high, there’s no denying that, no one is doing it like them. BTS stopped being K-pop or boy group or boy band, they are their own genre, they cannot be categorized or put in a box, and they keep proving it time and again.

When BTS did the dance break for “Dynamite” the whole world was shook! Now they bring “Butter” with a sexy Dance Break, the world has stopped breathing and it’s double shooketh!

Watch the full video

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