WATCH BTS’ Behind The Scenes Making of Their Biggest Song “Butter”


BTS have released their behind the scenes making sketch for their latest song “Butter” We all love seeing then the process that it took to create something great. And behind the scenes offers that very need to see how something came about. With BTS we love to see their hard work process as they are always involved with every step that it takes to create the kind of master piece they would be proud of and one they know ARMY would be proud off at the end of the day.

“Butter” music video hit the ground running as it has already broken 2 of “Dynamite’s” previous records, it has the most concurrent views for a premier and the most number of views for 24 hours! Everyone was excited to see what it took to create such a fun, catchy and addictive summer bop.


The behind the scenes offers fans the chance to see BTS being carefree, goofy and just having fun, then switch it up when it comes to getting down for business.


BTS also gets to share their feelings of the whole process and add their own input on what they like and what they feel works better for them


Watch the full episode

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