BTS Unveils “Butter” Remix Teaser Photo (Hotter ver.), Whose Ready To Sweat Like That?

BTS is the gift that keeps giving. BTS recently shared their teaser photos for a new remix version of “Butter” ARMY are feeling spoilt ever since “Butter” dropped, it has been one new addition after another. Soo after fans got “Butter” official MV, BTS shared the behind the scenes making of the video, soon after the dance choreography followed which allowed fans to watch the intricate foot work and dance styles in detail.

Today 27th May, BTS have shared their teaser photos that are every bit indulgingly beautiful and hot as their first teaser photos. We can see dabs of the color purple and the feel the photos are giving is a chill, R&B mood and vibes.

With the way “Butter” in itself was hotter than anything BTS have done so far, how much hotter do they think ARMY can handle right now?

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