The United States Ambassador to South Korea Got His Fix Of “The BTS MEAL” & Loved It!

The “BTS MEAL” has launched and it is safe to say that the world feels like it can breath again after waiting for the launch. The 10 pieces Chicken McNuggets, medium order of fries, medium coke and two new sauces inspired by McDonald’s South Korea, have hit many locations around the world and people are celebrating enjoying their favourite McDonald’s meal that is inspired by their favorite band in the world.

It is not only ARMY that are enjoying the BTS MEAL, today the US Ambassador to South Korea attended one of the launches in the country and tweeted his experience.

“Not semiconductors or EV batteries… just two great US and South Korea icons McDonald’s and BTS doing business together- a #Dynamite combo and meal to go with it. Thank you team McDonald for letting me join the launch today!” Rob Rapson, US Ambassador to South Korea tweeted


Have you had your “BTS MEAL” fix yet?

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