WATCH BTS Break The Internet With These New Hand Gestures On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On May 20th it was announced that BTS would appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. BTS had appeared on the show for the first time in 2019 where they were interviewed and performed “Boy With Luv” and “Make It Right”

On May 26th BTS have been guest of Stephen Colbert and this time they have had fun showing some new gestures that will probably break the internet. Each member has a set of gestures and they show them off speaking ion English which is always fun to hear.

BTS’ j-hope is showing us gestures for “liver” “long intestine” and “you have something on your face” V is showing us his signature V sign that now has two more meanings.

Jung Kook is showing us another way to play the rock, paper, Scissor game and the star trek sign that he jokingly says star trek copied from him, SUGA is showing us gesturers for baseball, V also includes the different posters for “cute bunny” and “double bunny” Jimin shows us gesturers for going out on a walk, running and being chased.

Jin together with Jimin shows us how to make a TV with Steven Colbert inside. RM finally shares the guessers for their new Butter single being out on all streaming platforms and stores, and is joined by all members to show it

Watch the full show

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