WATCH BTS Perform “Butter” Live On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

BTS were smooth, classy, handsome, “criminal” gentlemen on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as they performed “Butter” This is BTS’ second live performance of “Butter” after performing it for the very firs time at the Billboard Music Awards.

And as it is with BTS, the performance was on a higher level than the first one. BTS never repeat anything that they do, whether it be the performance, style, set design or dance, they always add something fresh. In the first live performance, Jung Kook was the opening fairy while in this one, dressed in immaculate classic slim fitting suits, Jin opens up the glamourous show. The VMin (V and Jimin) moment also has a new move, always changing and keeping ARMY guessing!

Be AWED! by their performance below!

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