Will You Have A “McJimin” With That? The New McDonald’s “BTS MEAL” Menu Option You Did Not Know About

McDonald’s officially launched the BTS Meal on Wednesday, May 26, as part of their collaboration with mega superstars BTS who have just recently released their record breaking single “Butter”

It seems to have started with this TikTok video of a man complaining about his BTS MEAL. In the clip, the man says, “I just got my McJimin, I’m mad as hell. Why my McJimin don’t look like BTS? Where the lil colors and shit? I’m mad as hell. They forgot my straw too man. shit.”

The video has been shared and has been trending on both tiktok and twitter. “McJimin” is now a trending topic with over 13K tweets after the launch of the #BTSMeal in which some locals call McJimin.

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