WATCH BTS’ “Butter” Official Music Video (Hotter Remix) Giving You “The Inimitable Charm of BTS” To Fill Your Entire Day With Sizzling Energy!

Remember this, “We would like to express our appreciation to all ARMY for the incredible love and support you have shown for “Butter”, the new digital single by BTS. To provide all fans with even more diverse ways to enjoy the music of BTS, we have prepared a remix version of “Butter”. “Butter (Hotter Remix)” will exude a feel that’s delightfully different from the original song’s bright and lively mood. We hope “Butter (Hotter Remix”) and its new take on the inimitable charm of BTS will fill your entire day with sizzling energy.” Big Hit Music

Well, we got BTS’ sizzling energy alright! The “Butter” Hotter Remix has just dropped and what we can say is that BTS never take themselves too seriously.

What everyone expected….

What they got, Just watch for yourselves below, wink, wink,

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