Get Ready For R&B Vibes and Guitar Sounds Of BTS’ “Butter (Sweeter Remix)” and “Butter (Cooler Remix)”

BTS will be releasing 2 new remixes of their Billboard Hot 100 and Guinness Record breaker mega hit “Butter” In a statement Big Hit Music expressed BTS’ gratitude to fans (ARMY) for their support and the two remixes are their way of thanking them for the support and love. At this point no one knows what the remixes will be because hotter version was interestingly fun to watch so we’ll have to wait until 4th to see what BTS have in store for fans with the two remixes. Then again there could be collabs for the new remixes, leave it to BTS to shock you every time they have a surprise!!

“Your support for “Butter” has propelled the song to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. To express our sincerest appreciation for the interest and love you show for the music of BTS, we are releasing two new “Butter” remix songs following the previous unveiling of “Butter (Hotter Remix)” that combine the hit song with new musical genres.”

“Butter (Sweeter Remix)” infuses R&B vibes to the original’s bouncy mood, and the guitar sounds of “Butter (Cooler Remix)” will wash over you like a refreshing breeze. We hope each and every one of your days are filled with joy as you spend it with the delectably diverse musical flavors of “Butter” remix songs.”

Release date: Friday June 4, 2021 (KST) Thank you.

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