BTS’ Jungkook Shares What He Learnt From Debut Until Now & Why Most Of His Lessons Came From People Around Him

The pressures that come with growing up in the lime light is that one learns that there really are limitations to some extent to what you can share with the world, sometime even to the point of it being like what you are ‘allowed’ to share with the world. BTS’ Jung Kook can probably relate to that as he has grown in the face, scrutiny, adoration and sometimes judgement that comes with worldwide expectations from a celebrity. He stared his job as an idol in his teen years, he has had to deal with all that comes with teenage hood like identity crisis, finding yourself and knowing who you are.

He has always credited his fellow band members are the people that have influenced him greatly. In an episode of one of their documentaries, Jung Kook has said that since he grew up around the members, he could be a “manifestation of all their characters coming together” which in a sense is very true. He always sets high standards for himself and has managed to be rewarded by his hard work and dedication.

Sakshma Srivastav asked Jung Kook during their interview on ENOW what would be his takeaway from all his experiences from the time they debuted until now.

“What’s the one important thing that, like a lesson that you learnt in that time which is very valuable, something that you carry with you till now and will stay with you forever” Sakshma Srivastav

“What I learned… from debut until now, I learnt so much from our members, so its’s hard to pick one. And it’s not that I learnt a lesson, it’s just I had so many good people around me that they influenced me so I’m thankful. And I’m still building myself as a person” Jung Kook

Watch full interview

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