#607 BTS 2021 FESTA – Bicycle by RM

BTS have been gearing up for their 2021 FESTA which is a celebration of the 8 years they have been together touring and performing and travelling since they first debuted to the world on 13th June 2013.

For the past two weeks BTS have been sharing amazing contents in line with their schedule that will eventually lead to the main performance for the MUSTER SOWOOZOO to take place on 13th and 14th that will mark the end of their upcoming 8th anniversary celebrations.

As the celebrations are ongoing BTS’ RM lead rapper, accredited songwriter and Billboard topping producer, has released the track, “Bicycle

The track is befitting him as he loves to ride his bicycle and his verse on their hit song “Life Goes On” RM was shot standing next to a bicycle, wiping it with his fingers and blowing away dust. The other BTS members have always chided his not having a driver’s licence that he will ride his bike instead.


Listen to the track

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