Japanese YouTubers Have Released a Unique Cover of BTS’ Single “Butter” Using Only A Real Stick Of Butter

When BTS’ “Butter” was released, it not only broke several Guinness records but the song has become an addictive ear worm that is being replayed over and over without getting boring and with the additional, hotter, sweeter and cooler versions, “Butter” is here to stay. And with every good music that has been created, there will always be covers that give a new unique interpretation to the song. Japanese メンバー 山口提樹 (Taiki Yamaguchi) and メンバー 潮 圭太(うしおけいた (Keita Ushio) who host the MEMBER’S ROOM RADIO podcast and also run a YouTube channel, have brought a new meaning to creativity.

They have created a “Butter” cover using only a real stick of butter. They have created various sounds using butter in several different ways with different props. From catching the sound from dropping the piece of butter on pancakes, spreading butter with a knife on a toasted bread to letting the butter sizzle, they have made these Resonances into a combination of musical sounds that brought about the song “Butter” Talk about incredible talent and creative minds!

The incredible process of creating their masterpiece…

Made the sound by dropping a piece of butter on pancakes

Sound made by spreading butter on a toasted slice of bread

Sound made by hitting two blocks of butter

Sound made by rubbing an unopened pack of butter

Sound made by butter sizzling on a hot pan

Grazing or scratching the cap of a pack of butter

Adding butter in a small jar…

And knocking the bottom of the jar with the butter

Hitting the jar with melted butter inside

He drilled a knob of butter and..

Created a flute from the knob of frozen butter

They pieced all those sounds and created the cover of BTS’ “Butter”

Have a listen at the incredible and unique “Butter” cover

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