“Don’t be sad that you weren’t with us in the first place, the day you discovered us is the day we debuted for you.” ~Yoongi

BTS continued with their incredible FESTA 2021 celebrations which is to commemorate their 8th anniversary since debut on 13th June 2013. ARMY is enjoying the content that they are being spoilt with from BTS as they wait for the MUSTER SOOWOZOO final event.

They shared “BTS ROOM LIVE” where they performed a medley of seven songs that included some of fans old favorites from their b-side tracke and some more recent ones.

The songs set was going through their discography with songs such as “I Like It,” “Look Here,” “Save Me,” “Outro: Wings,” “Pied Piper,” “UGH!,” and “Telepathy

BTS FESTA 2021 Schedule

Watch the full performance

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