It’s the second last day to BTS’ Weeklong 2021 FESTA Celebrations. Today BTS shared a video of their “Mikrokosmos” performances during their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Final” world tour. “Mikrokosmos” has always been the last song that BTS ends their concerts. Once you hear the song, you know the concert is getting closer to ending. It is always an emotional time for both BTS and ARMY.

“Mikrokosmos” is an important part of the 2021 FESTA since the last two performances are titled BTS’ MUSTER SOWOOZOO. “SOWOOZOO” is or translates to Mikrokosmos in Korean

BTS 2021 FESTA Schedule

BTS are gearing towards commemorating their 8th year sonce they debuted in 2013 and are now the biggest boy band in the world. BTS have been blessing ARMY with loads of content that fans are feeling lucky and spoilt. From family portraits, missions, choregraphies to a mini concert for the BTS Room Live, FESTA 2021 is almost wrapping up.

Watch the performance

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