AgustD’s “Daechwita” is Now The #1 Most Liked Music Video of 2020 by a Solo Artist Globally After Crossing This YouTube Milestone

AgustD’s “Daechwita” surpassed 11 MILLION Likes on YouTube and is now the #1 Most Liked Music Video of 2020 by a Solo Artist globally. AgustD remains the 2nd FASTEST k-soloist in history to reach 11M likes on YouTube in just a span of 398 days. AgustD is also the first male solo act and third Korean solo act with the most listeners on Spotify as he boasts of 3.2 MILLION monthly listeners. To celebrate the milestone fans are trending “AGUSTD RECORD BREAKER”

The fastest Music Videos by a Korean solo artist to reach 10M likes on YouTube are #1 Agust D – “Daechwita” (326 days) #2 Jennie – Solo ( 856 days) #3 PSY – Gangnam Style (1175 days). AgustD surpassed 1 billion combined streams across all profiles on Spotify, his “D-2” album is the most streamed Korean solo album of all time with over 300 million streams on Spotify, he has 5 million followers on the platform as well, he is indeed the record breaker.

On May 22, 2020, the official video for “D-2” mixtape’s lead single, “Daechwita”, was released. “D-2” is the second mixtape released by AgustD (SUGA) in BTS. 

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