BTS’ V Shared His Playlist Of Songs For Healing and Relaxation On BigHit Music Record On Melon Station

25th June BTS’ V went on Big Hit Music Melon Station and shared his playlist that he says he listens to for healing, when he wants to relax and dance inside. “A 7-color playlist for each BTS member. “

“We’re greeting you at Melon Station Big Hit Records. This is BTS V. Wow, are you enjoying our new song, Butter? I think it’d be nice to listen to this song when we eat together. And here’s another good news: BTS opened Big Hit Music Records as a whole. Starting with RM, he’s sharing his playlist one by one.” V

“It’s my turn today. First, let me tell you the theme of the playlist. BTS Playlist I like songs that are relaxing and healing. Since I was young, I’ve been listening to a lot of songs like that. I wanted to introduce them to you.” V

“Before we reveal the playlist, let’s listen to the first song. The first song is Switch’s ‘Love Over And Over Again’ and Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’. When I listen to songs like this, I want to relax, get some healing, and I want to dance inside. It’s a song that’s good to listen to” V

Open his playlist and listen to the awesome songs.

BTS V’s taste in music is unparalleled. He doesn’t listen to music because it’s on the charts or trending with highest ranks like these days most people listen to music just because it’s trendy or popular. That’s why his taste in music is pretty diverse , unique and impeccable

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