BTS’ Released Version 2 Concept Photos for New Single “Permission to Dance” Breaking Into ARMYs Hearts

ARMYs hearts have just been shook by the second concept photos for BTS’ new upcoming single “Butter” CD version “Permission to Dance” The first concept photos were fire, second version are hotter than fire and lighting combined. Dressed in different forms of jumpsuits, casual wear, Jung Kook, V, RM and Jimin are dressed in Jumpsuits, though Jimin’s version is shorts. Jin is dresses in black slacks with matching black sleeveless coat and black and white prints top, j-hope is dressed in suspender overalls and over shirt while SUGA spots black trousers, black suspenders over white tee and black and white plaid shirt wrapped around his waist.

The Bangtan boys are smooth criminals who have stolen ARMYs hearts and have been arrested to answer the charges of being too charming. They all spot police cuffs in various colors, but the cuffs are shaped like a love heart. Visuals, visuals, visuals, no wonder they are being arrested for being too smooth. They all look like bad boys, who aren’t really bad, but are bad boys, of course always good.

BTS’ Jung Kook
BTS’ j-hope
BTS’ Jin
BTS’ Jimin

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