Kenya Mentioned in BTS’ New Single “Permission to Dance” Teaser, Kenyan ARMYs We Are Not Okay!!!

“Dream” “Magic” “Miracle” “Ni Ukweli? (is it true?)” these are some of the terms that have been used to describe the feeling that Kenyan ARMYs are having right now. The much anticipated single for ARMYs gifts is just 48 hours away from hitting the world! And BTS dropped the teaser for the song “Permission to Dance” yesterday. The 32 second teaser features BTS infront of what looks like a gas station, starts off with SUGA reading a newspaper and joining the rest. It ends with the members posing and two kids running infront of them with balloons.

What caught the attention of most ARMYs, specifically Kenyan ARMYs, was the county’s names written on the wooden sign post. The clip comes in with BTS’ j-hope pointing at the sign post with names of countries plus ARMY written on them. They include SEOUL, ARMY, LONDON, SAN FRANSISCO, MOSCOW, EGYPT, BERLIN, KENYA and PARIS.


That is what got the hearts of Kenyan ARMY pumping faster than the train! Kenya is on the map of BTS, we are in BTS’ radar, our country’s name is in BTS’ new single “Permission To Dance”! What bigger flex is there than that! Kenya and Egypt are the only African countries on the list. No one knows yet what the countries being in the Music Video means, are they tours for 2022? Will BTS be coming to Kenya? That is the real question. Asa result Kenyans have now started preparing for the possible “tour” with hilarious comments and happy dances, fans are already planning what outfits to wear for BTS’ visit!

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