BTS Wish For A Day We Throw Away Our Masks In New “Permission to Dance” Music Video

“Permission to Dance” is finally here!!!!!

BTS just dropped their long awaited music video for what is probably going to be the song of the century! “Permission to Dance” music video is unlike any other BTS music video that they have released so far, we thought “Dynamite” was the one, then “Butter” was it but this song is THE ONE, the IT song! When ARMY says that BTS is all inclusive, and RM said it doesn’t matter your color, gender identity, who you are speak yourself, this song embodies all that and more.

We did get the cowboy indie vibes from their outfits and they look smashing! The song features individuals of all ages and they are all dancing, their own dance because they do not need “Permission to Dance!” The English is immaculate! I could listen to them sing all day, everyday, all night, every season! we cannot say this enough BTS never does anything half heartedly, if they are doing it, they go all the way, j-hope proved that when he ate butter at the end of their video

One more thing…

SUGA looks so haaaaapy!

They really did need a desert to release all those millions of balloons!

The music video starts with different peopls from all walks of life dancing but with masks on, then at the end, the masks are off. Just like in the teaser, they are saying goodbye to the pandemic and wearing of masks, “let’s never meet again!”

Enjoy every minute of the MV!


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