BTS Tease & Praise Each Other In Their Reaction to Their Own “Permission to Dance” Music Video


BTS released their reaction video to their latest MV, “Permission to Dance” which was filmed before the Music video was released to the public. The members had several opinions and comments regarding the video, they were surprised at the intro part which they were not aware of. And as in true Bangtan style, they both praised and teased each other in various scenes. For instance the members teased but praised Jungkook for coming two hours earlier to film just one scene (in the laundromat) in the MV.

“I think that this is our first music video that gives such a feeling of happiness. We’ve had music videos that were fun and interesting, but this makes you feel happy.” Jimin

“This music video is meaningful because there were ordinary people featured in it.” j-hope

“We broke free of that prejudice that we don’t have other people appear in our music videos apart from ourselves.” RM

Watch the full reaction

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