US Radios Whipped For BTS’ Jin, ARMY is Not Complaining Because, We Can Relate

“What is your favorite photo of BTS’ Jin? Now that is a tough question to ask because Jin has no bad angles, or days or times, he is always so well put together. You will never catch him on any bad day. Reply to this thread with your favorite Jin photo! BTS’ Jin always captivates the world, whether it be celebrities, fans or the media he is truly the visual King and he is always praised for bringing emotion and varied facial expressions whenever he is performing. From innocent, playful Jin, to professional Hot heart throb Jin, to impossible handsome KIM SEOKJIN giving CEO vibes, he never has a bad angle.

Several US radios posted a simple request, “Reply to this thread with your favorite Jin photo!” and thousands of photos were dropped within minutes

BTS’ Jin
BTS’ Jin

So, what is your favorite BTS Jin’s photo?

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