BTS’ j-hope Talks On Revealing His Depressive Side in “Dis-ease,” Why ARMY Is Absolute & “English”

“j-hope is a lyrical genius, he’s very smart in the way he expresses himself. The fact that he did his best to maintain the “bright” “bubbly” person in his many songs that he has done both with BTS and as a solo artist and also talk about his struggles to become the person he is today, speaks of his ability to adapt to the changes in times and seasons and not let outside influences dictate his state of mind or decisions he makes.

You can see how far he has come from his song “EGO” that’s both upbeat yet with elements of some darker lyrics, “Daydream” where he is carefree and wishing on a star yet still have deeper meanings as well, to “Dis-ease” which though fast on tempo talks about feelings of frustrations to some extent. BTS’ j-hope defined himself as an artist and him as an individual from BTS the band, giving us insights into his thought process, wisdom and intelligence.

The BTS rapper has grown as a dancer, a vocalist, producer, pretty much in every aspect of his life and as an individual which is amazing to watch. We are all looking forward to everything he has in store for fans since he revealed that he wants to try new things, his next mixtape is something to look forward to.

j-hope had a sit down for their “BTS Butter album release interview” and this is what he had on his mind…

j-hope/Weverse Magazine

When you revealed your depressive side directly in the time from when you put out “Dis-ease” during the pandemic period to “Blue Side” from your mixtape, was that a reflection of that influence as well?

j-hope: People’s emotions change every day and so do their feelings and the things they can accept throughout their lives, right? So I think the changing emotions I felt and came to accept as the group grew in popularity is also expressed by the way my songs changed. It’s also something I always spend time thinking about, but I’m just another young person living his life on this planet. I’m not really different from anybody else, which means I can’t always be as bright as I was on Hope World. So that’s why I tried a different approach to the things I could express.

What did you find out after trying that?

j-hope: “I ended up thinking about the shadows inside me. I didn’t realize it when we were promoting, but with the whole world suddenly at a standstill, we have all this time where we can’t do anything and I can see all the shadows underneath—sitting spaced out in the studio, thinking about what kind of life I’ve lived, seeing BTS’s performances on TV, I think, That’s who I was. The amount of willpower I found during this time has been tremendous. I figured I’d better use all those feelings entirely and all at once, that those are emotions and songs that could probably only ever be written at this time anyway, so I put all those emotions down like a diary, and “Dis-ease” was born. With “Dis-ease” as a starting point, I thought I could include stuff like my inner darkness, and that’s why I was able to release “Blue Side.”

j-hope/Weverse Magazine

Is there anything else you’ve learned about yourself lately?

j-hope: “UmI’m—what should I say—not the kind of person to settle for their life as it is. I could just keep living like I am and do whatever I want with my life, but I don’t know, honestly. I’ve already had so many amazing things happen but I want to take things one step further, as an individual and as a member of BTS. A thought came to me one day: Have I been challenging myself at all lately? Outside of making songs or dancing? But the answer was no. So I decided I would challenge myself and give some things a try, one of which was studying English. It’s still hard and I have a long way to go, but I’m trying my best given our current schedule

What are you getting out of studying English, do you think?

j-hope: “If I can speak in English then I can give and take directions with English-speaking artists myself when I’m working on music. My thinking is that this is one channel of communication I can open that will open up more possibilities in my life. But it could end up being hard to keep studying with our current schedule (laughs) so even though I say I’ll do it, I might not be able to. Your mind could change at any minute and you could come to different decisions any time, depending on how you want to live your life. Right now I’m trying to do music for music’s sake, challenge myself with performances for performance’s sake, and try hard personally for BTS. And I’m working hard to figure out what I need to do for my next steps

j-hope/Weverse Magazine

So how do you feel about ARMY now that they’ve climbed all those steps with BTS?

j-hope: ARMY is absolutely … I feel like they’ve become an icon themselves. I’m so proud of them. They’re amazing. ARMY is like an artist in itself now, too. Sort of like they’re one big symbol of the era? ARMY is as famous as BTS now. I think we give each other good energy, and helped each other to make something good. It might sound obvious coming from a member of BTS, but if I were ARMY, I’d never be ashamed to call myself a fan of BTS. Anyway, I’m seriously … I want them to always know I’m really, really grateful for them”

Read full interview on the Weverse Magazine issue

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