For His Upcoming Birthday, BTS Jungkook’s Fans To Gift Him With A Solar Artwork Of His Image Which Can Be Seen From The Sky! The FIRST & ONLY Artist To Have Such an Event

“BTS’ Jung Kook becomes the first and only artist in the world to have a solar artwork of his image that can be seen from the sky using drone shots. Another grand birthday gift for our grand birthday boy! This kind of unique event is set to be revealed on his upcoming September 1st Birthday when he will be turning 25 (Korean age). According to Jung Kook’s fanbase ‘Golden Alliance PH‘, this will be part of “Jungkook Birthday Project Part 1” and it will be in conjunction with ‘A Liter of Light’

“These solar artworks will be donated to the community after, to be used as solar lights for the people who don’t have proper electricity! (Dual Purpose) which will serve as their future lighting. The Video will be released September 1 on our Twitter account. Please wait for it!” _Golden Alliance PH

Several other projects are already in the works from both his big and small fanbases and fansites. He will have a live ad in New York’s Time Square as well and the birthday projects are still ongoing!

Twitter/ Golden Alliance PH

We cannot wait for his birthday to celebrate such an awesome human being that cares too much for his fans, members of his band, family and even staff. Jung Kook carries himself with such maturity for his age, always worrying about ARMY’s well being, about his members’ state of mind and always putting himself before everyone else. We can only wish that he himself stays healthy and safe because he has so much more to offer the world and change it! This boy deserves the whole world, heck, the entire universe, plus stars, planets and everything in between!


The fanbase has shared the first teaser for the solar art work with the full version to be revealed on 30th August

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