BTS’ V Becomes Unofficial Tourism Ambasador for UK As #LondonWithTae Currently Trends After A Mayor’s Tweet

“V’s, aka Kim Tae-hyung’s Midas Touch extends to his photos having an impact even without saying a word. V has become the unofficial tourism ambasador for UK as the mayor tweeted V’s photos of his time in London. #LondonwithTae started trending shortly and other officials promoted the campaign with V’s pictures and gifs. Back in October 2018 V posted pictures of his time in London and those are the pictures the government officials have been tweeting.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan extended an invitation to fans visit London. #LondonWithTae and #LetsDoLondon were twitter trends for several hours

 wasn’t just the mayor, but several other government authorities were seen promoting the campaign via V using the clip where he is expressing his love for the city

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