BTS Jung Kook’s “Decalcomania” Demo Hits #1 On The All-genre Genius Chart Replacing Billie Eilish

“Decalcomania” by BTS Jung Kook has replaced Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” on the #1 spot on the Genius’ All-genre chart for the very first time. “Decalcomania” is an original song by Jung Kook. The song was uploaded on Twitter on September 1, 2019 to celebrate Jung Kook’s 22nd birthday. As of right now, Decalcomania only exists as a demo song.

Genius All-genre chart

On his 22nd birthday, Jung Kook revealed that he was unable to put up a cover for ARMY as usual, but instead of that he uploaded on Twitter the demo version of the original song he wrote. The song had no title, but fans named it “Decalcomania” after the part of the lyrics.

‘Decalcomania’ is an art term invented in the 18th century to describe the process of generating images by applying paint to one surface and then being folded to create a mirrored pattern (thus is often called a ‘butterfly print’) or transferred on any other surface.

On August 2021, during the fan meeting, after being asked about the full version of “Decalcomania,” Jung Kook shared that he deleted the track’s files, but also reassured that he can record it again

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  1. kyleoyier says:

    Its funny how a song that was released in 2019 , replaces Billie eillish 😂


    1. swahili7 says:

      And not even a full song! Thanks for reading!


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