Millions Of People Will Get To Hear “by SUGA” Daily As BTS’ SUGA Produces Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” Ringtone

“Producer SUGA is behind several successes of BTS’ songs, other artists’ songs and his own solo songs. SUGA, BTS’ main rapper has a repertoire of music productions that makes him one of the best producers in the music scene. He is credited in many BTS songs as a producer and is always involved in the process to make sure the songs are exclusively good.


His work ethic can always be seen in the end results of projects that he undertakes, whether it be his own, BTS’s or others, he prides himself in giving his all to produce the best music that will be consumed both commercially and domestically.

SUGA is only 28 and has produced some of the greatest hits for artists like BTS of course, IU, Heize, Suran, Epik High, Halsey and now Samsung, who is doing it like SUGA? Millions of people will get to hear “prod by SUGA” daily

In their Weverse magazine interview for “Butter”, Suga answered some questions regarding him as a producer, he said,

“I’m BTS’s SUGA, and I’m Agust D, and when I’m producing, I go by “by SUGA.” But when it comes to by SUGA, I make perfectly commercial music. I’m the producer for those songs, sure, but the owner is someone else, you know? In that case, they’re commissioning my work. But they wouldn’t think about just leaving it all with SUGA.

He went on to add,

The artist’s label has to think carefully about whether to commission me for producing and consider my situation, too, and those people must be hoping for something commercial. That’s the most important part of working with outside people.

On the benefits he gets for being a producer

Actually, that kind of work isn’t much of a benefit to me, to be honest. Oh, he can write this kind of song, too. That’s all. The more valuable thing I can get from it is the recognition and records the artist or the company will get with the song instead.

In his latest project, SUGA has produced a remix for Samsung’s “Over The Horizon” ringtone.

This project was to arrange the song “Over the Horizon” as a big fan of Galaxy, it was a ver special experience. I listened to a lot of instruments from a young age and I’ve always wanted to make an instrumental track, so the whole process was incredible”

He went on to add,

“It was an honor to work o a song that has been a part of Galaxy’s 10-year history. I tried to put my own interpretation while keeping the melody largely the same for it to resonate with a broader audience

SUGA revealed that he had inspiration from different versions of “Over The Horizon” he said,

“I also heard different versions by various artists. Everyone knows that it’s the Galaxy theme song just by its melody. I was really excited when they asked me to do the project

In the making process and true to his immaculate attention to detail SUGA said that he listened to the song over and over, added a string solo then the guitar to make it more dramatic. He expalined that just like the title ‘Over the Horizon’ the song is about going beyond our limits and that our dreams make us go further.

“Over the Horizon” is usually the default ringtone for all Samsung smartphones and now that SUGA has reimagines and reinvented his version, fans who own Samsung have something that they will cherish and be inlove with once the ringtone is available on upgraded devices.

Watch his full process

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