ARMYs Hilarious & Relatable Reactions After Finally Getting A Live Performance Of BTS’ Single “Paradise”

“JungKook went live during his birthday and he had a mini concert where he took requests from ARMY about which songs to sing. Among the most requested was BTS’ song “Paradise” ARMY have been wishing and manifesting a live performance of that song for a very very long time and when it was finally sang, by JungKook, nonetheless, they were ecstatic, their longing had been quenched and they finally could live in peace again. During the VLive JungKook noticed so many requests of the song and he got confused to even asking whether BTS had such a song, but a few minutes later he checked it out and found that he recognized it in is Korean tittle. And so he sang, which was music to ARMYs ears. Here are a few relatable reactions to finally getting a live performance of the song “Paradise”

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